New use cases proposal

Tobias has posted two interesting proposals regarding the use cases: to add a DRM use case and to review the "Image Annotation on the Semantic Web" - Deliverable (http://www.w3.org/TR/swbp-image-annotation/).


ramm.x in the news :)

Just a bit of egosurfing - Danny has mentioned us on the Nodalities blog, in This Week's Semantic Web (cf. 'Docs'). Cheers, Michael ;)

ramm.x news in the blogosphere ...

ramm.x icon
So from today on, dear friend, you'll be able to read ramm.x news in you favourite feed reader. We decided to set up this blog to keep you posted with day-to-day news about the progress we have with the ramm.x spec, and the use cases, respectively.

Further, from today on, we have a public code repository available - check out the open issues, there ...


Michael & Werner