Tutorial on ramm.x (slides and video)

Want to learn what ramm.x is and do not like to read through the tutorial slides? We have captured an introduction session and put it on youtube. In four parts, we explain all the details why, where, and how to use ramm.x - check it out!


First draft of extensions available

We are happy to announce that the first draft of the proposed ramm.x extensions is now available - check it out and let us know!


Status and Upcoming Stuff

So these days heavily work is carried out on the ramm.x use cases. Check out the latest version of the use case document!

We captured a ramm.x introduction video along with some tutorial slides - the clip will soon be available on the ramm.x home page and via youtube.


How to RDFize ID3

As Oscar recently explained in the ramm.x discussion group, an RDFizing service for ID3 is available. I wonder if someone else also has tried to RDFize ID3 or other audio metadata, alike?


Creative Commons on ramm.x

Mike Linksvayer from Creative Commons recently reviewed ramm.x and concluded that

[...] ramm.x may be an effort to map and standardize use of existing and upcoming media description standards in RDFa [...]

Mike is absolutely right ;) and very welcome to join the discussion group to bring in his expertise regarding licensing issues .


New draft of specification is available

The ramm.x spec has been update. Several issues have been addressed (see change log at the end of the spec).

Any feedback is welcome!


New ramm.x interested join & announcement in MPEG-7/21 community

We welcome the new people on board. Currently there are 14 members in the discussion group; still, every day new ramm.x-interested join.

To reach out, we announced the ramm.x initiative as well in the MPEG-7/21 community.